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I want to buy a specific guitar. How do I proceed?

Contact the seller directly: If the seller doesn't offer payment via OhGuitar, you should contact them using the contact form (by clicking on the "Contact seller" button) or by telephone. You can then agree on payment and shipping directly with the seller.

Who is my contract partner when buying a guitar?

Your contract partner is always the respective dealer or private seller. When you choose to pay via OhGuitar, you will be shown the terms of sale of professional vendors during the sales process. If you decide to buy the guitar directly from the dealer, please take note of the dealer's terms and conditions.

What should I keep in mind when buying from a private seller?

Meeting at an established guitar dealer's shop where the guitar can be immediately checked is the safest method. Please review the offer and conditions carefully before buying a guitar from a private seller.

How do I contact the seller of a guitar?

You can ask the seller general questions about the listing by clicking on the "Contact seller" button. For all other listings, contact the seller via the "Contact seller" button. The seller will receive your message via email. We do not have any information about when the seller will read or respond to your message. You can also call the seller if they have listed a phone number.

How exactly does the purchasing process work?

Contact the seller directly: If the seller doesn't offer payment via OhGuitar, you should contact them via the contact form (by clicking on the button "Contact seller") or telephone. You can then agree on payment and shipping directly with the seller. Please note: Your contract partner is always the seller.

What components make up the sale price of a guitar?

Various different components are involved in the sales price of a guitar. Firstly, the offer price for the guitar itself is relevant. Additional costs for packaging, insurance, shipment or VAT and import sales taxes may also apply. Depending on whether you order your guitar from a dealer in Germany or abroad, the additional costs can vary in amount. Contact the dealer for specific information.

What are customs duties and import taxes?

When importing goods into your country, you may owe customs duties and import taxes. These are charged by the responsible customs authority and must be paid as soon as the item has reached its destination country. For more information, please contact your customs authority.

I'm interested in a listing from abroad. What should I take into consideration and what fees apply?

The price displayed is the price set by the seller. You may incur additional costs, such as customs fees, taxes, or shipping and insurance fees. For the exact price and the costs involved, please contact the seller. The seller will be able to tell you if the delivery service will handle any customs issues. Please contact your local customs authority if you have any questions regarding customs laws in your country. Guitar purchases are duty-free within the European Union. However, when importing a guitar into the EU from a third country (the United States, for example), you will incur a customs fee and import sales taxes. Please contact your customs authority for more information.

How and where can I pay the customs duties and import taxes?

The responsible customs authority charges any duties and taxes, which are due as soon as the item has reached its destination country. In most cases, you will pay any duties and taxes owed to the delivery service at the time of delivery. Which payment methods are available?

Which payment methods are available?

Many sellers offer payment via Stripe. You can either pay by credit card or bank transfer. However, every seller decides for themselves which payment methods to offer. Please contact the seller directly to discuss payment details. Sometimes the seller lists the available payment methods in the guitar description.

The seller only offers advance payment by bank transfer. Is that trustworthy?

If the seller is a commercial dealer: Yes, many commercial dealers request advance payment by bank transfer. It is very important to us that all dealers listed on OhGuitar are trustworthy. The identity and legitimacy of all dealers on OhGuitar are extensively reviewed during the registration process. Dealers provide information such as their trade license and references from other dealers. As an alternative to advance payment, you can personally meet the dealer in a safe location to pay in cash and receive the guitar. Please note that OhGuitar takes no responsibility for the sale.
Buying from a private seller: When buying from a private seller, paying in advance by bank transfer is not a safe method. If the private seller wants advance payment and you absolutely want to buy the guitar, it is in your own interest to review the legitimacy of both the seller and the offer. For example, you can request references or more pictures of the guitar or personal documents. Another alternative to advance payment is personally meeting at a secure location for cash payment or using a trustworthy escrow service. If you have doubts about the seller's trustworthiness, you should not go through with the purchase.

What does the Trusted Seller Seal indicate about a dealer?

Every dealer on OhGuitar is extensively checked for their identity and integrity during registration. The Trusted Seller Seal is awarded exclusively to dealers who are distinguished by special reliability and trustworthiness in their dealings with OhGuitar and its users. Trusted Sellers are commercial guitar dealers and undertake to comply with certain conditions. These include, among other things, that
• the information posted on the platform and provided to OhGuitar about themselves and their company is truthful
• they sell only original goods from trusted sources
• they state the conditions of their goods truthfully and point out possibly existing defects or damages in writing and through images
• they generally answer customer inquiries about OhGuitar that arrive by e-mail within five working days.
Ensuring fair business transactions is a priority. Should there be disagreements, the dealer will look for a mutually satisfactory solution, together with the customer. The violation of one or more of these conditions can lead to the temporary or permanent loss of the Trusted Seller Seal or – in the event of serious infringements – of OhGuitar membership.

What does the Verified Seller Seal indicate about a dealer?

Every Private Seller can register on OhGuitar and will be checked for his identity and seriousness. The Verified Seller Seal is only awarded to those sellers who have been verified. The Verified Seller can be awarded to commercial guitar dealers or private sellers.

I can't find my ad. When will it be activated on OhGuitar?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to find your listing on OhGuitar:
1. The manual review hasn't taken place yet.
2. We manually review new listings for the safety of all OhGuitar users. These reviews only take place on business days and not on weekends. Ads are usually activated within 1 to 3 business days.
3. In some countries, we require private sellers to confirm their identity.
4. Your identity probably hasn't been confirmed yet. Please note that it can take 1 to 3 business days to review your identification documents.
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