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Tonfuchs – Sportbass


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This guitar model is built only on request. The price for the “Standard” model is: 3620€
Please contact me for more information: UWE SCHÖLCH – CEO/EDUCATED LUTHIER – chef@tonfuchs.de

All basses have a 34,02-inch scale, 21 nickel Silver Wagner frets, double trussrod and a bolt-on neck. By default, the finish is nitro cellulose. Woodgrain filler are purely on a mineral basis. The used timber dries several years or decades. CTS pots, CRL or Switchcraft switches/Sockets. Paper and oil capacitors are used for the electrical system. Strap pins are Security lock compatible. Each Sportbass is a unique masterpiece.

Standard model price: 3620€

Specs: (optional extra charge)

Body: Swamo ash (Corina, Swietenia mahogany and others on request)
Neck: US Hard maple (curly/birdseye, cherry, cedro, Corina, rosewood, and others on request)
Fretboard: East Indian rosewood (Madagascar rosewood, curly / bird’s eye maple, others on request)
Bridge: Vintage Steel
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralight (others on request)
Pickup: Nick silver (Lollar, others on request)

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  • Name des Ladens: Tonfuchs guitars
  • Anbieter: Uwe Schölch
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