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Multi-Scale Electric

Multi-Scale Electric

Multi-scale electric guitars, also known as fanned-fret or multi-fret guitars, are a relatively new innovation in the guitar world. These guitars feature a unique design where the frets are not evenly spaced, but instead are arranged in a fan-like pattern. This allows for a more ergonomic playing experience and opens up new possibilities for guitarists in terms of tone and tuning.
One of the main benefits of a multi-scale guitar is improved ergonomics. The fan-fret design allows for a more comfortable playing experience by providing a better fit for the player’s hand. The longer scale length on the lower strings provides more room for finger movement, while the shorter scale length on the higher strings allows for easier access to the frets. This can lead to less hand fatigue and a more natural feeling when playing.
Another benefit of multi-scale guitars is the ability to achieve improved tone. The longer scale length on the lower strings allows for more tension, which can result in a more defined and powerful low end. The shorter scale length on the higher strings can lead to a more crisp and clear treble. This can be especially beneficial for players who are looking to achieve a specific tone for their music.
Multi-scale guitars also offer the opportunity for new tuning options. Players can experiment with different tunings and string gauges to find the perfect balance of tension and tone. This can lead to new creative possibilities and a wider range of sounds that can be achieved.
In terms of construction, multi-scale guitars are built using the same materials and techniques as traditional electric guitars. However, they require a more precise and skilled craftsmanship due to the unique fan-fret design. As a result, multi-scale guitars can be more expensive than traditional electric guitars.
In conclusion, multi-scale electric guitars offer a unique and innovative design that can lead to improved ergonomics, tone, and tuning options. These guitars are built using traditional materials and techniques, but require a higher level of craftsmanship. As a result, they can be more expensive than traditional electric guitars. Despite the cost, many guitarists are willing to invest in a multi-scale guitar for the benefits it can provide.


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