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Shipping a guitar

Shipping costs

If you are planning to sell a guitar, there are a few things you should consider in advance. The first is usually the price you want to get. It is best to budget for shipping costs before you make your list so that you get the full amount you expect.

Once your guitar offer is live, potential buyers will ask if the shipping costs are included in the price displayed. It is advisable to have already added the shipping costs to the desired price so that the guitar does not suddenly become “retroactively more expensive” for your buyers. This also gives you a little more leeway in price negotiations.

Customs regulations

It is very important to check the customs regulations of the country you are shipping to and attach all necessary documents to ensure that your guitar reaches the buyer smoothly. Ask about the legal guidelines (e.g. for protected wood e.g., Dalbergia nigra). Register your shipment with customs in advance and check with your buyer, as they may have to pay any customs duties.


To ensure that your guitar remains intact during shipping, be sure to use the correct size of packaging and a sufficient amount of filling material. The packaging should not be too large, otherwise the case with the guitar could be pushed in. Use sufficient filling material (e.g. bubble wrap) to protect your guitar from shocks. Your guitar should be held securely in place by materials in both the case and the secondary packaging.


This point is particularly important. Therefore, we recommend that you take a complete look at the insurance before shipping. Choose a shipping method that insures the full value of your guitar against damage and loss. Make sure that the insurance also covers guitars and rare instruments.

The address of the recipient

It may seem obvious, but make sure that the address is written correctly, completely and legibly on the packaging or shipping label. The address must be confirmed in writing by the buyer in advance.


Be sure to give your control number to the buyer after the guitar is shipped. This allows them to track your delivery and know your current status.


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