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How to setup shipping details

To change or setup shipping costs please login to your account and navigate to Dashboard Vendor→General Settingsand then click on Shipping Details.

Direct link to Shipping details: https://www.ohguitar.com/dashboard/settings/shipping/#/


When you click on Shipping Details you will see a list of countries/continents. Choose the country where you plan to setup shipping costs. Click on “Edit” or “Add Shipping Method“.

Shipping edit 2

A new page will open (see below).
On this page vendors can add new shipping methods like Flat Rate, Local Pickup, Free shipping. You can add several shipping methods by clicking on “Add Shipping Method” and select one shipping method from the drop-down menue. It is possible to rename the shipping methods.

shipping 2

Vendors can add unlimited shipping methods. By clicking on the shipping method, vendors can edit and delete these. The toggle button can be used to enable/disable a shipping method. Vendors can also limit zone location in countries by using postcodes that apply to customers purchasing from that zone.

zone locations

Each Shipping Zone can have different (and multiple) “Flat Rates“.

1.) To make changes to a shipping method, vendor needs to click “Edit”.

Shipping edit 4

2. Vendors can change the title or keep it as in default. This title displays to customers in checkout.

3. The vendor has to add the Cost (this is applied to the entire cart) and by scrolling down there appears also a field to setup shipping class costs.

4. Select its tax status (define whether or not tax is applied to the shipping amount).

5. Vendors can also type a description for this method if they prefer.

6. Click on “save settings”.

Shipping costs

Shipping classes won’t apply unless the vendor specifies them. The vendor can specify shipping class costs for all the shipping classes that are available. The vendor can specify his own conditional rates for the shipping classes. Read also this article how to setup shipping details: https://www.ohguitar.com/how-to-set-up-shipping-details/


You can also select the cost when no shipping class applies. You can also select the calculation type:

  • Per Class: Shipping rates will apply accordingly class-wise.
  • Per Order: Shipping rates will apply on the total order cost, and the most expensive shipping class rate will apply.
shipping classes
  1. Navigate to Store→ Vendor Dashboard→ Products.
  2. Select the product you want to add shipping class to by hovering on the product name and click on Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the section that reads Shipping and Tax.
  4. First enable the checkbox “This Product Requires Shipping”.
  5. Next, input the details as required for weight, length, width and height.
  6. Now select the shipping class you want to apply to this product from the drop-down.
  7. Select Tax Status and Tax Class.
  8. Click on Save Product.

Note: Each product can have one shipping class.

shipping tax

If Flat Rate and Shipping Class rates are both defined, then both will apply when the customer is checking out. For example, if you have set Flat Rate at $10, and Strings Shipping Class Cost at $10*[qty], and your customer select 1 String set, then your shipping cost will be $10+$10*[1] = $20.

Note: You must set the shipping class for this particular product from Vendor Dashboard→ Products→Edit→Shipping and Tax.

Local Pickup

If you want to setup local pickup, customers can pick up the order themselves from a designated location.

1. To make changes, hover over the shipping method and click on Edit.

2. Enter a title that displays to customers in checkout – some shops change the title to Local Delivery, for example.

3. Enter Cost – Cost for this option is applied to entire cart.

4. Select Tax Status. Then click on save changes.

edit shipping methods

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over €1000.

  1. Enter a title that displays to customers in checkout.
  2. Enter a minimum order amount (if applicable).
  3. Click on Save changes.


free shipping

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